Part 2 – Project 1 – Exercise

• How does Briony Campbell’s The Dad Project compare with Country  Doctor?
• What do you think she means by ‘an ending without an ending’? Make some notes in your learning log.

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At first you think that Briony’s project is personal and full of emotion, reading the story that goes alongside it, really engenders some of that raw emotion in the view as well.  The soft tones and shades add to dreamy almost unreal aura they produce.   Whereas, you when you view’s smith’s images they are following a stranger around doing his job and you would think they would be dispassionate. However, that’s not how they come across, the compositions and use of high contrast really give a sense of drama and factual.

However, having read Smith’s bio, it appears that these images were taken  only a year after he himself had recovered from a major injury sustained whilst acting as a war correspondent during the 2nd World War.  Putting them into the context of his own experiences and this may be why they are full of emotion and candour.

Briony Campbell says that the work is ‘an ending without an ending’? – I believe she means that because this is personal about her life that it can’t / won’t be packed away in box some place once the project is finished.  It will always be with her and help her to remember her dad.  Personally, I think once you’ve invested in a project it always very hard to draw a line under it and never think about again!

W. Eugene Smith – ‘Country Doctor’

W. Eugene Smith was an American photojournalist.

His work the ‘Country Doctor’ was a ‘fly on wall’ documentary of the day to day life and work of  a general practitioner named Dr. Ernest Ceriani.

Doctor Ceriani checks 4-year-old Jimmy Free’s foot, cut when the boy stepped on broken glass.

Smith’s images although documentary also capture the emotion of the scene by his composition and angles.  Taken in 1948, this is only a few years after being a war correspondent where he focused on taken images of the suffering of the people rather than the soldiers and battles.  He himself was injured and had to undergo a lot of surgery so it is perhaps these to events that led him to concentrate on the life of a doctor.

source: – Art Blart –   [accessed 04.01.2019]