Assignment 1 – Two sides of the Story – Ideas and Planning (i)

Sandringham Road & Kingsland Road 15th June 2009
 10:42am – 11:37am, from The Corners © Chris Dorley-Brown

Corners ideas

I have been working on an idea inspired by Chris Dorley-Brown’s Corner’s series.   It also reminded me of an image I liked when I was doing EYV, by Guy Bourdin.  

“The aim of the assignment is to help you explore the convincing nature of documentary, even though what the viewer thinks they see may not in fact be true.”

brief for assignment from Context & Narrative p 45

I have played with the idea of taking images of corners in the town where I live. The first set will be the real images and second set will be ‘reconstructed’ corners.

These four images are the first I’ve tried to test my idea, the first two images are the real images and the second two are ‘reconstructed’.  The third images is an amalgamation of the first two images and the fourth image is a mirror image of the second image, but I have reversed all of the signs so that they still read properly.

The fact that these were taken on dull grey days, means that the light is flat and the sky is almost monotone.  This makes it easier to merge the images so I think I will use that idea for the rest of the set.