Assignment 1 – Technical Information Sheet

Camera and Settings

All images were taken using a Nikon D810 Camera with a Nikkor 18-35mm 1:3.5-4.5 AF D Lens at f/8 to ensure consistency of depth of field.  IOS and shutter speed varied depended on exposure, but tried to keep ISO the same and wanted to match images.

All images to were taken handheld at my eye level in  order to maintain plain of field for photo merging and were taken on different days in December 2018.


The images were edited in Adobe Lightroom:

  • Basic – profile converted to ‘Camera Standard’, highlights and shadows adjusted, vibrance decreased
  • Detail – Luminosity adjusted
  • Lens Correction – adjust to Nikkor lens
  • Tone curve added to some images to brighten them
example of Lighroom editing screen
Image set 1 – The Real Corners
Image set 2 – The Reconstructed Corners

All of the images were composited in Photoshop, using layer masks, cloning and tone curves. Details of how each image was constructed are listed below:

Image #2 was created using images #1 and #8 using the left side of. The colour of then end of the building was changed and the roof of the one building extending to create corner building.

Image #5 is a mirror image of image #8, but with all the signs reversed so that the writing is the right way round.

Image #6 is created from images #14 and #1 – In this image it was the background that was changed leaving the viewer to believe that the corner leads to a different place.  In testing this was the image that the majority of viewer got wrong.

Image #7  is created from two images below: One of the houses in the street was replaced with one from another corner.

Image # 9 was created from from the two images below.  Leaving the traffic lights was deliberate in order to try and bring  images together.  It also required a bit of perspective warping to try and get the perspective right. I have to confess that the ‘original’ image is also not original as I added the lady crossing the crossing from another image (Oops)

Image #10 – used two images of internal corners. I also retained the car on the left to try and maintain the perspective.

Image #12 – This seafront appartment block sits quite comfortably behind this hedge on the corner. A reflection of a lamp post in one of the windows was removed as somone picked that up during my testing.  Otherwise this was one of the ones viewers got wrong.