Assignment 1 – Two sides of the Story – Ideas and Planning

So having thought about the Yangtze River examples, and the different approaches taken by the various photographers, I like the idea of exploring the town I live in from two points of view.  I moved the south coast in my late 20s so don’t have the benefit of school acquired knowledge of the area.  I have photographed the seafront quite a lot and used the promenade for “The Square Mile”, the first assignment in my last course but was more interested in how people use the space.

I’ve decided to research the history of the town to see if I can use this as the perspective for the first set of images.

A history of Littlehampton: [accessed 14.12.18]

Old pictures of Littlehampton [accessed 14.12.18]:

On reflection: I am going to park this idea, as I don’t think it meets the brief, but I do like it, so want to record it in order to remember at a later date