Exercise 3: Your Journey

Your journey may not involve travelling the world or an excursion across Russia, but you might see your journey to the post office every Monday as particularly relevant – or the journey from your bed to the kitchen in the morning.
● Note the journeys you go on regularly and reflect upon them.
● Now photograph them.

Remember to aim for consistency in your pictures. If you choose to photograph all the charity shops you’ve visited in a week, try to photograph them all using the same camera, lens, standing position, lighting, etc. This will help keep your
project honed to the subject matter rather than you, the photographer.

This exercise is rather daunting! The Country is just coming out of lockdown following the pandemic and I have been working from home ever since March 2020, which means I haven’t been on many journeys outside of my home at all. My husband has recently returned to work having been furloughed on and off for the past year, so I have taken the opportunity to start picking him up from work in and effort to start getting used to going outside again.

In many ways nothing has changed, but my immediate world has definitely shrunk over the past year. I had been travelling all over the county to various meetings. Now I travel from my bedroom to the back room office!! I explored this in Assignment 3, to some extent.

I remembered that this particular part of the course is about removing the figure, so I thought about how I could depict my mental journey, maybe it should be abstract and representation of my journey through the pandemic.