Exercise 1: Constructing a Portrait

● If you have a social media profile picture, write a paragraph describing the ‘you’ it portrays. What aspects of yourself remain hidden?

This the picture I’m currently using as my Profile picture on FaceBook. I really don’t know what it says about me to be honest:

I’m a woman of a certain age, I’m very pale, I wear glasses, I’m not smiling, my hair’s a bit of a mess and it’s not a particularly good photo taken with a phone app that blurs the background.

I might ask what others think?

● If you were to construct a more ‘accurate’ portrait of yourself, including various aspects of who you are, what would you choose to include? How might you visualise these things?

I don’t like to smile in photos because having suffered from a condition call ‘Bells palsy’ many years ago, whilst I was pregnant, I have a wonky smile which I don’t like in photos. Of course someone who doesn’t know me, wouldn’t know that and those that do, probably wouldn’t notice because they know how I smile! Does this make me look grumpy? Perhaps I am!

To try and construct a more accurate portrait, I think it would have to include so many things, I work for the NHS as Quality Manager, have been married, divorced and married again, I have 3 children, 7 step-children, 8 grandchildren and am passionate about photography, motorhoming and bullet journalling. I am a creative introvert who lives a lot of her life in her head. I am doing a degree in photography because I want to prove to myself that I am intelligent and can create good art. I use my art to express my ideas an opinions because I’m not confident enough to express them myself publicly. How on earth can I depict all of that in one image?

Having learnt in the last course that everything in an image matters, I’m definitely going to have think about this and explore a few ideas before creating my new image.

● Try creating a new, more honest, self-portrait.

will add my new image here when I’ve created it