So It’s the comfort break following a talk by Andrea Norrington at the South East Regional Group meeting on 21st June. It’s the longest day of the year and it’s been a very long day!!

As Andrea has been talking she said we should write things up in the moment, so I thought why not kick this off right now!

I am finding Word’s dictation software really good for capturing the dialog in meetings, which has freed me up to actively listen to the speaker. It kind of gives me confidence that I haven’t missed anything. I find now that I only write down points that really strike me in my notebook. I have been using this for my work as well.

The top message that Andrea gave was that assessors are not just looking for the finished article, but want to see the process. A snapshot of how you came to that finished photo.

The rest of the session was a discussion on how you can capture this.

Use your learning log to show:

  • independent research (above and beyond the course work)
  • wider context, beyond the subject
  • topical stories
  • gallery talks
  • ideas for future projects
  • reflections on hangouts, regional meetings etc

Get in the habit of adding quick even draft blog posts because this will show the momentum of what you are doing and your journey from A to D via b and c.

Capture ideas in the moment, think of each one as a fresh start. Blogs don’t have to be finished pieces of prose.

A student suggested that a good way to show your progression, particularly with the assignments, is write down your ‘naive first thoughts’ – this way when you look back at the work you finally create you can see where you have come from after working through that part of the course.

The second part of the evening was given over to questions to Andrea and suggestions from other students on how they manage their log books etc

Hang all your photos on a ‘washing line’ and see which ones you can live with and where the gaps are

idea for choosing a set